Extract Guide:

Here is the record layout for the contributing member A/R file. The record length is 350.

111Record Code ("C")
8114*KOB (Business Category Code)
519140Additional Name
9212130*Street Address
12215130Additional Address
15819740*City/State (Include state here)
1982025*Zip - 5 digits
2032042State Code
2082136*Extract Date (MMDDYY)
21422512*AR Number (Acct/Customer #)
23023910Telephone Number
2462472Bureau ID Number
2492502Year Opened (YY)
2512544Date Last Activity
2632708High Credit
2892957* 1 -30 days past due
2973037*31 -60 days past due
3053117*61 -90 days past due
3133197*Over 90 days past due
3213222Experian Comment Code
3233253Alpha Comment
3293379Zip - 9 digits
3443485Member Number

* = Required Fields

All dollar amounts are in WHOLE DOLLARS.

Media we can accept:
• Mag tape – 9 track reel 1600 or 6250 BPI
• Mag tape – 3480/3490/3490e
• Mag tape – 1/4 inch qic cartridge 120, 525meg, 1.2, 2.5, or 30 gig
• C/D or DVD
• e-mail

Email Instructions:
‘zip’ the file or files, using a zip program such as winzip . The zipped file should be named Arxxzzzz where xx is the bureau #, such as 90 and zzzz is the member #, such as 0990.

Send the zipped file as an ‘attachment’. The e-mail address for media contributions is whitney@datadesigninc.com

In the transmittal, please identify the member # and the member name. Also, if the submittal is new, please include the business category.

If the member cannot write a program to create the file in the enclosed layout, we need to have files with the same information.

It is preferable to get the data in a standard format. For example, we would prefer a standard txt format rather than an excel format.

FTP: datadesigninc.com
Microsoft NT
User: bcmsmedia
Password: bcms

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems.