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No Books!

No Classes!

Have you ever attended a seminar or class wanting information on a specific topic and had to sit through hours of topics that were of no interest to you? And then when the topic you were interested in came up for discussion the instructor only spent a few minutes on it before moving on to another topic that was of no interest to you.

Those days are over! Now you can get the information you want without having to attend classes or sit through hours of seminars.

No Books! Everything you need to know about a particular topic is included in one low price.

Self-Test. Each topic has a self-test that allows you to determine how well you understand the material. And it may be taken as often as you like at no additional charge.

Access to the course for 45 days.

Learn what you want to know, when you want from your own computer!! Course work is timely, up-to-date and fun! Topics are updated on a regular basis to insure that the information is timely and in compliance with both state and federal laws.

Topics developed and maintained by David Balovich, CBF, CCC and BCMS of Texas member. Mr. Balovich is a nationally recognized credit consultant with over 35 years experience in professional credit management who spent over ten years traveling throughout North America conducting seminars and training thousands of credit and collection professionals. He now offers his experience and knowledge though these easy to read and understand topics, delivered directly to you on your own computer. In addition he provides E-mail support to answer your questions while learning.

Topics include:

Credit in the Company
Credit Application
Credit Investigation
Evaluating Credit Information
Collection Principles

Financial Analysis
Small Claims Court
Credit & Collections


This offer is exclusive to BCMS of Texas members only.